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Web & Informationdesign

Website-Logo a7111.com is a knowledge gateway to information about webdesign, XML Topic Maps, retro-digitalisation and smart XML documents. Most of the Projects and examples presented on this portal have been developed in cooperation with the Bundes­rechenzentrum Vienna, the Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf and the publisher of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Some examples have been developed during a postgraduate education at the Danube University Krems.

The portal is divided into four main sections dealing with specific subjects, which will be introduced in short below.


Web Design Web design examples away from the mainstream. Elegant design and usability can be achieved with a small amount of code and graphical features. Pure text and plain html-layout, without the burden of excessive graphics and animations makes a webpage behave agile, user-friendly and accessible for handicaped persons. Legible texts, careful choice of terms, metadata and balanced redundancy supports website-promotion and is an investment in the upcoming semantic web.

The semantic web is a fundamental change of paradigm and will not comply with old practices, take the saying "An image is worth a thousand words!" for example.

The Web Design Portal presents examples of web design dealing
with cultural, technical and scientific topics, i.e.:
  • Science and research
  • Publishing and literature research
  • Graphical design and art
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Topic Maps

Topic Maps The ISO-standard Topic Maps specifies a uniform document model used to build knowledge representations (ontologies) and knowledge maps. Topic Maps consist of less than 20 elements, thus it is quite easy to understand and use the vocabulary. This flexible standard is not only an established concept to describe the semantics and relationship of topics, but also a versatile tool offering asymptotic modelling capabilities, which can be used to create embedded information resources (instead of referring to external information occurrences).

The Topic Maps Portal presents concepts and examples how to prepare and present Topic Maps documents, e.g:
  • GeoNam database
  • Motif Index (literature research)
  • Coding Standards (blended learning example)
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RetroDig The digitalisation of historical texts and documents is a multi-faceted task. Alongside a true image rendition (facsimile) and optical character recognition (OCR), the semantic recognition of content is rising in importance. For this reasons it is a necessity to have cost-effective procedures and lasting document standards for digital long-time preservation, which are suitable for both, the large amount and the significance of our historical heritage.

The RetroDig Portal presents concepts and examples with a special focus on the german fraktur-script and scientific literatur
digitalisation, e.g.:
  • Austrian Book of Towns and Cities (Burgenland)
  • Fliegende Blaetter (satiric journal in fraktur-script)
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SmartDoc Smart documents are of interest in the context of iterative software development (rapid prototyping) and as a document foundation for companies knowledge transfer. Smart documents cover a vast area of application solutions, e.g.:
  • self-validating forms
  • self-evaluating (interactive) reports
  • internationalised applications
    (diversity of european languages and regulations)
  • multifunctional knowledge documents
    (blended learning, knowledge management)
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