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Web Design & Website Promotion

Webdesign Web design and Website-Promotion. The making of competitive and successful websites already starts with the search for the right website-name/domain, which should ideally match with the content of the site. Metadata and keywords for search engines will increase the website's value and publicity and in addition will be a good investment in the upcoming semantic web.

Pure text and plain html-layout, whitout the burden of excessive graphics and animations makes a webpage behave agile, user-friendly and accessible for handicaped persons. Information centered websites invite users to stay and discover the content.

Examples of Websites

Website-Logo Examples of websites dealing with scientific and cultural topics, e.g.:

Scientific Websites (german only)

  • Lysimeter Hirschstetten
  • Neutron spectrometer
  • SUPHICE EU-Project
  • Clinical Research Consulting
  • more ...

Culture and Society (partly in english)

  • Retrodigitalisation in the cultural sector
  • Motif Index of German Secular Narratives
  • Austrian Book of Cities (Burgenland)
  • Rotary Club Charity Event
  • Publisher of academic books
  • more ...

Grafic Design and Art

Grafik-Logo Examples for computer graphics and image art, designing of web site logos as well as concepts for leaflets and posters. Not only the aesthetic perspective, but also the right choice of file format plays an important role. Besides being used for web applications, high quality printouts and big-screen projections are often needed for presentations. A typical example therefore would be Blended Learning, which utilises different techniques of presenting educational material.

And since art is not just a job, but an appointment, you will get to see
a couple of melancholic aquarelles, painted by the author at rainy weekends.

more ...